Write Reviews & Guides For Rachet Jaws

Looking to become a writer for Rachet Jaws and make money?

Rachet Jaws is looking to hire talented writers that have a way with words that is easy to read, understand, and also creative!

You can apply for a writing position below....

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What You'll Be Writing + Rules & Requirements

As a RJ writer, you'll receive topics to write about or specific products to review!

You'll mainly be writing product reviews, and ultimate guides...

And yes, they must be well researched, accurate, long, in-depth, and beefy (by beefy we mean valuable and useful to the reader!)

Our requirements are that you strive to create content that is:

  • Around 3,000 Words or More
  • Well researched with sources cited
  • Easy to read and understand (no big words)
  • Creative, Engaging, and Fluent
  • Helpful & valuable to it's target reader
  • And finally, make content that's fun to read

Do we require anything of you as a person?

We don't require a degree or experience or anything like that...

Our only requirement of you as a person, is that you're a talented writer, with the type of writing style we are looking for.... 

And that writing style that we're looking for is one that's SEO Friendly, but also, engaging.... 

So that our readers will LOVE digesting content written by you..... and by Rachet Jaws!

How You'll Be Paid

Our writers will be paid a percentage of what their content makes!

We have 5 writer tiers as seen below. Entry (Gear Jaw) writers start at 10% and as you climb the tier ladder, you'll earn more from your content....

  1. (Gear Jaw) 20%
  2. (Rotor Jaw) 25%
  3. (Axle Jaw) 30%
  4. (Crank Jaw) 40%
  5. (Rachet Jaw) 50%

If you create 120 pieces of content in a year (which is 10 a month) and those 120 pieces of content end up making about $10,000/month, you'll earn $2000/month at a Gear Jaw (entry level) tier!

However, if you manage to get 120 pieces of content done in a year, that makes $10,000 per month, every month, you'll easily be promoted to Crank Jaw or Rachet Jaw level... Which means you'd make $4000 - $5000/month, EVERY month (if your content continually pulls in $10K).

How To Apply & What To Expect

You can apply below by filling our the application form!

Here's what you can expect after filling out the application and if you get accepted:

  • Our response to your application will be sent to you within 7 days after you've submitted your application
  • If accepted, we may ask for some personal information in order to set up your writers account with Rachet Jaws (preferred email, password choice, writers bio, etc.)
  • You will remain hired unless your effort and quality as a writer degrades or until you become inactive
  • We will discuss & decide payment options after you've been accepted

Fill Out This Application Form To Get Started!

After Submitting, Expect Your Application Response Within 7 Days! We'll Be Waiting To See Your Application... Thanks For Choosing Rachet Jaws 😉