(30) BEST Lineman Worker Gift Ideas That Will Make Him Happy!

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Do you need Gifts for a Lineman in the family? I've compiled a list of gift ideas and accessories that Linemen workers would LOVE to have! I found gifts that have the potential to make that special Lineman in your life, smile with pure happiness and gratitude....

I even found some gifts that family members of a Lineman would Love to have so scroll down to start the list and find the perfect gift for your special Lineman....

Lineman Drinking Glass

Everyone needs a nice whiskey/mixed drink glass, even a Lineman. This 11 oz. Glass Bottle with a Hand Etched Lineman Climbing Design that's Made in the U.S.A. It's very well made, thick & heavy duty, and the design won't rub off or wear away so it's completely dish washer safe... This Drinking Glass would make an Excellent Gift for a Lineman. Order this Lineman Gift Here.

Lineman Skull Axe Gift

Inside of the Skull Design is a Lineman Climbing a Pole. I know a lot of men who love Skulls and Skull designs.... so if you're looking to get a gift for a lineman who loves skulls or axes, knives, and all those sorts of things.... Then this is the gift you should get him! A Skull, Lineman, Axe, Gift.... Should Definitely Increase Testosterone, this is quite the manly gift, lol!  Order this Lineman Axe Gift Here.

Lineman Bottle Opener Gift

This Lineman Bottle Opener would Pair nicely with the Lineman Drinking Glass! This bad boy bottle opener is made out of stainless steel and should last a lifetime. The Pole Climbing Lineman Design is Laser Engraved in Texas! So this is an All American Made, Lineman Gift, that Linemen would Love to open a cold one with! Order this Cool Lineman Bottle Opener Here.

Funny Lineman Shirt Gift

Come on.... You gotta admit this ones pretty clever! What Lineman wouldn't enjoy wearing this in public? This is a funny shirt that the Lineman in your life would crack a smile at or possibly burst out laughing at, and no doubt would he LOVE wearing it... There are multiple sizes and colors available too. Order this Funny Lineman Shirt Here.

Lineman Tank Top Gift

American, Lineman Tank Top. Made from 100% Cotton. Comfy, Very Cool and Smooth Feeling. Great for Summer Time. For Patriotic Lineman who Love their Country, this is a Great Gift! Order this Patriotic Lineman Tank Top Here.

The American Lineman Book Gift

This book tells the history of one of America's toughest, and most admired professions. If the Lineman in your life is proud to be a Lineman then he would most definitely want to know the history of his profession. This is an amazing book thats highly rated online. 5 Star Reviews across the board from 60+ Reviewers... Definitely a great book and gift for a Lineman. Get The American Lineman Hardcover Book for your Lineman Here.

Lineman Gifts Tool Set Klein 41 Piece Review

This is AN AMAZING Gift for any Lineman. The Smell of Brand New Tools plus the Shiny New Look and Feel... Nothings better than brand spanking new tools for a hard working man... This is a gift that's worth putting a huge smile on your Favorite Linemans Face. Great Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, or any special occasion Gift for a Lineman... Especially for one who lacks good quality tools to get the job done or one who doesn't have all the right tools! Order this Amazing Lineman Tool Set Gift Here.

Lineman Pocket Knife Gift

Sharp Pocket Knife with a Black Handle that has a Lineman Climbing a Pole on it as the design. If your Lineman loves knives then this might just be the best gift for him! Order this Lineman Pocket Knife Here.

Lineman Prayer Necklace Stainless Steel Dog Tag Gift

This is a perfect gift for a Lineman of Faith and One who's proud to be a Lineman! The Design and Prayer are laser engraved onto stainless steel dog tags so these should last a lifetime, although, you may want to get it a better chain because I'm not sure if the chain is also stainless steel or not. Order these Lineman Dog Tags Here.

Lineman Plaque Gift Idea

This is quite an unique and special gift. It's specifically for Linemen and you can personalize it by entering a name and more lines of achievements such as graduating.... Or you can just leave it as the name only, at the bottom. For the Customer Reviews of this Lineman Gift, someone said this made their husband overwhelmed with gratitude, to the point that they teared up... So this is definitely a great gift idea. Order this Lineman Plaque with Personalized Name Plate Here.

Lineman Coffee Mug Gift

This is a funny coffee mug that would make your Linemans mornings better! It's both dishwasher and microwave safe and would be great for hot chocolate in the winter time. Better yet, it's made in the U.S.A. it's very durable and it's also very affordable. Order this Lineman Coffee Mug Here.

Lineman PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

This is one of those things you stick on your phone or tablet for extra grip when holding... It also expands to make a stand to angle your device on a table. This one would be a great gift for a Lineman since it has the Lineman Design on it! Order this Lineman Grip & Stand for Phones & Tablets Here.

Lineman Rosewood Liner Lock Knife Gift

Here's another cool pocket knife with a Lineman design. This one might be what Linemen would prefer since it has a rosewood handle and woodburned design... That's more manly than the gold one in my opinion so this might be the knife to get your Lineman! Order this Cool Lineman Rosewood Liner Lock Pocket Knife Here.

18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Plier Kit

Honestly.... This thing is for badasses and Linemen are made of badass! This is an amazing gift for not only a Lineman but any man, period! A multi-purpose gadget plier kit like this, can be so useful in so many ways... Definitely a great gift for a Lineman! Order this Multi-Purpose Plier Kit Here.

Lineman Shirt Gift (Backbone of America)

This shirt really captures the reason all Linemen should be proud to be Linemen! To Be a Lineman is To Be the Backbone of America... Perfect Shirt Gift for a Hard Working Lineman! Order this Lineman Shirt Here.

Lineman Shirt Gift with Awesome Saying Great for Retired Linemen

Yet another Awesome Lineman shirt! This one is quite humorous but true... It takes a lot to be a Lineman, a lot that most don't have in them! So be sure to get your Lineman this shirt because He deserves it. Order this Awesome Lineman Shirt Here.

Lineman Survival Knife Gift

Badass Survival Knife... the perfect gift for a Badass Lineman! Order this Lineman Survival Knife Here.

Lineman Belt Buckle

This Belt Buckle comes in 3 different options... Brass, Copper, or Silver! It features a Lineman design with the text "Lineman and Proud of It" on the Belt Buckle! This would be a very thoughtful gift for a Lineman thats always wearing a belt! Order this Lineman Belt Buckle Here.

American Lineman T Shirt Gift

The design on this shirt is so cool. I'm sure any Lineman would Love this shirt, especially a patriotic one! Order this cool Patriotic Lineman Shirt Here.

Lineman Guitar Picks Gift

Most of the men in my family were/are Linemen but they're also very musical! So if the Lineman you want to get a gift for.. Also plays Guitar or Bass, This would be an awesome gift to give them! Order this 12 Pack of Lineman Guitar Picks Here.

Funny Lineman Coffee Mug

I'm sure Lineman will get a kick out of this. It seems like after every bad, windy storm, there is always some telephone pole or power line down that needs a hero to fix it... So for Linemen everywhere, this cup is very relatable but also humorous because of how it rhymes and because of how true it is! Order this Hilarious Lineman Coffee Mug Here.

Proud Family of a Lineman Gift

Imagine your Special Lineman coming home to this sign hanging in the house in a big, obvious spot... and then he sees it! What a wonderful gift and idea... His heart would light up like the 4th of July! Order this Lineman Sign Here.

14 Pack of Hard Hat Stickers for Lineman Gift

These would get some good laughs from your Linemans Pals if they saw these funny stickers on his hardhat or work truck or on something like that! There are different sets available with different stickers too... Order this 14 Pack of Funny Stickers for Your Lineman.

Lineman Neon Clock

This Neon Lineman Sign would be great for his man cave! The clock is hard to read in person but its great for show, and to set a certain vibe that only a neon clock can set! Neon lights and clocks in a dark room always calm me so I'm sure this would be a great atmospheric tool/gift to help your Lineman relax in his man cave. Order this Neon Clock Lineman Gift Here.

Personalized Lineman Travel Mug Gift

Linemen are well known to travel out of town to do their work! My father was a Lineman and he was gone for a month or two at a time when he was working. He had a travel mug like this that he would put his coffee in every day to help him wake up and start working! This would be a thoughtful and convenient gift for a Lineman if they don't already have one. Order this Personalized Lineman Travel Mug Here.

Let's Not Forget the Lineman's Family:

I also found some gifts for family members of a Lineman... Such as the Wife and Kids. If you're a Wife or Child of a Lineman then maybe consider getting yourself one of these gifts because if your Lineman saw one of these gifts that you got yourself... It would let them know you're proud of them and you Love them very much which would probably make your Lineman tear up a bit or make him incredibly happy!

Lineman Wife Mug Gift

Imagine getting him a Lineman Coffee Mug and then This Mug for you, if you're his Wife or Girlfriend! Although they are small gifts... It speaks big. It speaks volumes on how much you adore your husband/boyfriend. Also it's very telling of how thankful you are for him doing his line of work to support you, plus it shows your gratitude for him. Order this Wife/Girlfriend Lineman Mug Here.

Lineman Wife T Shirt Gift

A Sweet T-Shirt for a Lineman's Wife. Gift yourself this if you're a Lineman's Wife and want to show how much you Love him! Order this T-Shirt for a Lineman's Wife Here.

Lineman Wife Necklace

You can personalize the name to the name of your Lineman. This is another great gift for a wife or girlfriend of a Lineman... that in a way would be a gift to him too because it lets him know you Love him! Order this Necklace for the Wife or Girlfriend of a Lineman Here.

Baby of a Lineman Gift

This comes in pink, blue, yellow, and a few more colors! If you know a Lineman with a baby then this would be a great gift for the Lineman and for the baby. Order this Baby Shirt for a Lineman's Child Here.

Child of a Linemans Shirt Gift

This is a funny shirt for a kid who has a Lineman Dad. Order this Funny Shirt for a Lineman's Kid Here.

Thanks for Reading (Conclusion):

These are all excellent gifts. So choose one that would fit your Linemans personality best... Maybe even choose multiple gifts since none of the gift ideas on this list are very costly. Most are under $20 - $30. Also Please Share this List of Lineman Gift Ideas with any friends or family who have Linemen to get gifts for... Or just Share this Article if it helped you! Thanks for Reading.

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