5 BEST Tattoo Numbing Creams & Gels (of 2019) that ACTUALLY Work!

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best tattoo numbing cream gel and spray available today

Looking for tattoo numbing products that actually work?

Here are the 5 BEST Tattoo Numbing Creams and Gels of 2019 that ACTUALLY work and that work well....

5. HUSH Anesthetic (Best Tattoo Numbing Gel)

HUSH anesthetic - Tattoo Numbing Gel Best Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

HUSH Anesthetic Review

HUSH, hushes pain...

Want to feel no pain, stay relaxed, and enjoy your next tattoos you get?

HUSH Anesthetic gel can help you do that if you apply it thick and properly, as instructed on the bottle... (Use plastic wrap, sanitize area, etc.)

With countless 5 star reviews, this is a numbing gel that you'll definitely want to consider purchasing....

It's affordable, can be used for tons more than just tattoo prep, and best of all... It works stunningly well!

While it isn't the strongest or cheapest tattoo numbing solution on this list, it does the job well, and can last for 2 - 3 hours, which is perfect for long tattoo jobs....

What You'll Like

  • Affordable
  • Numbs for up to 2 - 3 hours after applied
  • FDA Compliant (Safe to Use)
  • Effective for Tattooing
  • Relieves pain tremendously (if generously applied)
  • Works really well if applied as instructed & applied thick

What You'll Dislike

  • no free shipping
SUPER NUMB Tattoo Numbing Cream Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Gel Spray Review


Super Numb is a very popular numbing cream brand for many different sorts of applications, tattooing included....

It's so popular because it's so cheap, and while it may be cheaper and weaker than other brands of creams... It does what it's suppose to!

Definitely not the best deal on the list, since you only get a tube of 30 grams... but it's cheap and will work!

If you just need a basic topical anesthetic cream to numb yourself before getting a tat... and particularly a tat that won't take long... Then definitely consider Super Numb!

What You'll Like

  • Cheap
  • Works if applied thick & as instructed
  • Numbs for close to around 2 hours
  • Free Shipping
  • Great for Tattoos & Other Applications
  • Relieves Pain
  • Might be cheaply made but it does do what it's suppose to

What You'll Dislike

  • Manufacturer is in-consistent
  • Cheaper Quality Cream
  • Doesn't last as long as other creams (Not as strong as other brands)
best tattoo numbing cream gel spray ointment uber numb review

Uber Numb Review

Uber Numb is another popular name brand in the numbing cream industry...

It's maximum strength, numbs for up to 3 - 5 hours depending on how thick it's applied, and it can relieve pain for up to 24 hours before wearing off...

Definitely one of the strongest topical anesthetic creams available...

Even better yet is it's extremely inexpensive and has free shipping, which is astonishing when considering how high quality of a numbing cream it is and how strong it is...

Uber Numb is one of the best tattoo numbing creams you can buy and you should seriously consider it...

What You'll Like

  • Numbs between 3 - 5 hours
  • Pain relief for up to 24 hours
  • Strong (Maximum Strength | 5% Lidocaine)
  • You won't feel nothing (if applied correctly)
  • Incredible Tattoo Numbing Cream
  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Free Shipping
  • U.S.A Made
  • Non-Oily
  • Absorbs into skin within 30 minutes
  • 100% Vegan Friendly

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing
numb520 best tattoo numbing cream available by ebanel

Numb520 by Ebanel Review

Numb520 is extremely similar in all aspects to Uber Numb...

It has a bit less cream than uber numb but it activates quicker... but everything else about them is virtually the same, which makes them extremely close competitors!

You can't go wrong with Numb520 or Uber Numb, as both are fantastic numbing creams to use before getting a tattoo AND, both are the cheapest on this list....

NOTE: One more advantage that Numb520 has over it's competitors is an excellent customer service that will refund you with no questions asked if you aren't satisfied with their product!

What You'll Like

  • Affordable
  • Free Shipping
  • High Quality
  • Highly Rated Previous Customer Reviews
  • Maximum Strength (5% Lidocaine)
  • Soaks into skin fast (In 20 mins or under)
  • Deep penetration pain relief
  • Numbs for between 3 - 5 hours
  • Awesome Option for Tattoos
  • Best Value for a Low Price
  • U.S.A Made
  • INCREDIBLE Customer Service
  • No harmful chemicals or additives
  • Works like a charm (you'll feel nothing but numbness)

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing

1. Dr. Numb (Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Available | Strongest Numbing Cream)

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Available Today 1 Tube of Dr. Numb Maximum Topical Anesthetic Anorectal Cream Review

Dr. Numb Review

Dr. Numb is the pioneering brand of topical, lidocaine, anesthetic cream...

Which is why it's potentially the most popular numbing cream available and has served millions at delivering a pain-free, tattoo experience....

It's the strongest legal numbing cream, the fastest absorbing and activating, and it lasts as long or longer than any other numbing cream available today!

Dr. Numb is simply the go-to option, however, the only downfall is that because of it's spectacular quality... It's the most expensive option on the list, and, therefore, another option may be the best choice for you (if you have a limited budget)!

What You'll Like

  • Strongest & Best, Tattoo Numbing Cream Available
  • Rapid absorption and activates fast
  • Long lasting numbness and pain relief (3 - 6 hours depending on how thickly applied)
  • Free shipping
  • High quality cream from a high quality brand
  • Highly Rated by Previous Customers
  • You won't feel anything other than the vibration of a coil tattoo machine (unless the artist is using a rotary, then you won't feel anything)

What You'll Dislike

  • expensive because of high end quality & reputation

Tattoo Numbing Cream FAQ

Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

If applied correctly as instructed on the back of your creams bottle, and applied thick, numbing creams should work wonderfully for getting a pain-free tattoo experience!

Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Affect Tattoos?

Some creams may affect color, enough to fade the colored ink some, but other than that, no.

Do Tattoos Still Hurt With Numbing Cream?

Depends on what numbing cream you use and how thick you apply it, plus, whether or not you applied it correctly. If applied right, with a good brand, you shouldn't feel a thing.

Do Tattoo Artists Use Numbing Cream?

Some do, some don't. Most people simply buy numbing cream themselves and apply it at home, 20 - 30 minutes before going to the tattoo parlor to get their tattoo...

How Do You Use/Apply Numbing Cream?

  1. Scrub & Wash Area Where You'll Be Applying The Numbing Cream, Then Dry
  2. Put On Gloves So Your Fingertips Don't Go Numb
  3. Apply A Thick Layer Of Cream To Target Area
  4. Wrap With Plastic (Saran) Wrap for About 30 Minutes Until You Begin To Feel It Kick In
  5. Remove Wrap & Hurry to the Parlor to Get Your Tattoo


In conclusion, no matter what brand you choose to go with, you'll be satisfied and if applied correctly, these tattoo numbing creams/gels will give you a pain-free tattoo experience...

And as always, You can trust a Rachet Jaws Review because I ONLY recommend great products to my readers! 🙂

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