10 BEST Tattoo Inks & Brands That You’ll LOVE Tattooing With! (2019)

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Best Tattoo Ink Black Grey Colors Starbrite Moms Intenze Solong Sets and more

Looking for the Best Tattoo Inks of 2019? Inks that are Professional Quality from Pro Brands? 

So that you can make incredible looking tats without causing whoever you're tattooing, irritation, like cheap, unsafe inks do?

You found the x mark's the spot then...

Below is a list of the 10 BEST Tattoo Inks & Brands available today... 

Ready to find your ink of choice & wield it for legendary looking tats? Then Continue Reading.... 😉

Best Tattoo Ink Solong Tattoo Ink Set Review

Solong 14 Ink Set Review

This is the most affordable ink kit and it's great for new tattoo artists...

You'll get 14 basic colors, including black and white ink, each bottle is 1 oz and they're all near professional grade quality...

These pigments are sterilized by gamma rays which makes them safe to use, with little to no irritation to whoever you tattoo...

Downfalls for this starter ink set of 14 basic colors is that the colors fade a bit after a few days and they're not very bright or bold...

But for if you're a beginner and just need some better quality ink than what you get in beginner tattoo machine kits, and for around $30, then this is a great ink set for you!

What You'll Like

  • Safe to use on skin
  • Very Cheap (Affordable)
  • Great option for beginners
  • 14 Basic Colors (all you'll really need for most tats)
  • Soaks into skin well
  • Mixes well
  • Gamma ray sterilized

What You'll Dislike

  • Colors aren't very bold & tend to fade a bit after freshly tattooing
  • This set's colors aren't very bright

Included Inks

  • True Black
  • Silver
  • Snow White Mixing
  • Golden Yellow
  • Banana Cream
  • Bright Orange
  • Bright Red
  • Fuschia
  • Rose Pink
  • Coco
  • Mario's Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Light Purple
  • Light Green

9. StarBrite 7 Color Starter Set (Best Professional Tattoo Ink for Beginners)

Best Tattoo Ink StarBrite Tattoo Ink Set Review

StarBrite 7 Color Starter Set Review

StarBrite's 7 Color Starter Set is by far the best ink kit for beginners...

It's colors don't wither away or fade easily, and StarBrite is known as one of the brightest ink brands available for tattoo artists....

There are a lot of pros to this set such as professional quality ink that's bright, bold, long-lasting, safe, affordable, and U.S.A Made...

But the one downfall you may not like is that there's only 7 basic colors and they're all in 1/2 ounce bottles, which meannnsssss....

You'll run out of "gas" quick and need a refill, which is probably costlier than just buying a bigger, more robust, various, set...

Which of course would cost more, but you'd get more ink and probably a better deal in the long run since buying bulk saves you money!

However, if you're just starting out on your tattoo journey, then I highly recommend considering this small kit, as it's about the best ink set you can buy for beginners + it's at a pretty decent price and has free shipping....

What You'll Like

  • Inks holds well (doesn't fade)
  • Colors are bright and bold
  • Soaks into skin nicely
  • Smooth & vibrant colors
  • Sterilized (Safe to use)
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Affordable (Under $40)
  • Free Shipping
  • Professional Quality Ink

What You'll Dislike

  • Only 7 basic colors in 1/2 ounce bottles (not very much ink or variety of colors in other words and you'll probably run out quick if you tattoo a lot)

Included Inks

  • Brite White
  • Canary Yellow
  • Country Blue
  • Crimson Red
  • Jet Black Outliner
  • Lime Green
  • Tribal Black

8. Pastel Tattoo Ink by Intenze (One of the Best Professional Tattoo Ink Brands)

Best Tattoo Ink Intenze Tattoo Ink Set Review Pastel half oz Color Set Intenze Tattoo Ink 10 Bottles

Pastel Tattoo Ink by Intenze Review

The brand behind this tattoo ink set says it all...

Intenze is indeed Intense, as it is, one of the finest, and most loved tattoo ink brands by tattoo artists, world wide....

If you're buying Intenze, you're buying quality....

With this pastel tattoo ink set, you'll get 10 bottles of 1/2 ounce pastel colored ink for unique tattoos...

This would be great for abstract tats, or for unique portraits, or whatever your creative tattoo mind can masterfully use this ink for....

What You'll Like

  • Bright & Bold Colors
  • Uniquely Mixed Pastel Colors
  • Long-lasting (fade resistant)
  • Professional Quality Ink
  • Made by Intenze (One of the Best Tattoo Ink Brands)
  • Good price
  • Sterilized & Safe
  • Free shipping

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing (besides maybe how unique the colors are if you're not into unique things or being unique)

Included Inks

  • Rose Pink
  • Banana Cream
  • Bahama Blue
  • Baby Blue​
  • Creamsicle​
  • Carol's Pink​
  • Lavender​
  • Peach​
  • Platinum​
  • Sea Foam Green

7. Intenze Authentic Zuper Black (Professional Black Ink)

Best Tattoo Ink Intenze Authentic Zuper Black Tattoo Ink Set Review

Intenze Authentic Zuper Black Review

Here's a bottle of black ink that you'll see used in tattoo parlors frequently...

It's "Zuper Black" made by no other than, Intenze!

Once again, a high quality ink, one of the best black tattoo inks available and it's made by Intenze, which is a high quality brand with great customer service...

Not the most affordable ink ever, but... you definitely get your moneys worth... Zuper Black is just THAT good.

NOTE: This ink is fit for pros that are making a good living from their career as a tattoo artist, and because of it's price, it's not recommended for hobbyists, newbies, or any other level of tattoo artists (which is why I didn't rank Intenze higher)... But then again, You may wanna try it just to feel like a fuckin badass!

What You'll Like

  • An extremely dark, bold, strong, black
  • Professional Quality Ink by a Pro Brand
  • Sterilized & Safe
  • Free & Fast Shipping
  • Great Black used by many pro tattoo artists
  • Includes a 3 piece grey wash set

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing (except you may have to retrace lines a few times IF you don't go slow enough on your lines)

Included Inks

  • Zuper Black

6. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Lining and Shading Set (Best Tattoo Ink Set for Lining & Shading)

Best Tattoo Ink Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Lining and Shading Set Tattoo Ink Set Review

Kuro Sumi Liner & Shader Ink Review

"Kuro Sumi is by far the best tattoo ink I have ever used. I've tattooed over 50 years and have tried every product on the market. Kuro Sumi ink is the brightest and most consistent ink in the world." -Louis Rubino, AKA Tattoo Lou.

Kuro Sumi has been one of the best tattoo ink name brands in the world for decades...

It's been used by legions of professional & famous tattoo artists, thus making it outstandingly renowned...

If you want pro quality liner and shader tattoo ink, then this is about the best you can buy... and for the quality, it's surprisingly affordable!

What You'll Like

  • Professional Ink (Used by Pros Worldwide)
  • Vegan Friendly Ink
  • Super Bold Ink
  • U.S.A. Made
  • Safe to Use
  • Best Ink for Lining & Shading
  • Free Shipping
  • Made by One of the Best Ink Brands in the World
  • Virtually No Fading
  • Made from Organic Ingredients
  • Affordable
  • High Quality Ink

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing

Included Inks

  • Outlining Ink
  • Greywash Shading Ink
  • Soft Greywash Shading Ink
Best Tattoo Ink Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Set Color 16 Tattoo Ink Set Review

Kuro Sumi 16 Color Tattoo Ink Set Review

This is a diverse kit of 16 different, super vibrant colors, of the highest quality possible...

Simply because it's one of the highest priced ink set's on this list, I only recommend this for intermediates & pros... Unless you're a newbie that's daring enough to cough up the money for this set, and if you do have balls like that, then respect!

You'll definitely get your moneys worth with this set, no doubt about it. One of the most widely used ink brands by pros...

Kuro Sumi is an industry standard, that's how great this ink is.

If you want colors that pop and make your tattoos otherworldly, then you'll definitely wanna consider this 16 colored tattoo ink set by Kuro Sumi!

What You'll Like

  • Extremely Bright Colors
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Professional Quality Ink
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Minimal Fading
  • Consistent, Smooth, and Soaks into skin well
  • Wide Variety of 16 Different Super Vibrant Colors
  • Free Shipping
  • Safe to Use

What You'll Dislike

  • Pricey (Around $100, but worth it)

Included Inks

  • 16 Various Colors (Basic Colors: Red, Green, Blue, etc.)
Best Tattoo Ink Millennium Mom's Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink Review

Millennium Moms Nuclear Blacklight Ink Review

And here we are, arriving at our last and final brand of tattoo inks and probably the most popular brand right now, with pros & newbies alike...

Millennium Moms is U.S.A Made, and has been in the top ink brands for decades. 

With this 9 color set, you'll get badass inks that glow in the dark & under a UV Blacklight...

Inks like these can really take an ordinary tattoo to the next level....

Imagine finishing a masterpiece and your customer is stokeedddd....

Now imagine turning off the lights, and to his surprise, discovering you added in UV Ink to the tat so that it also has a glow in the dark version of that same tat....

He'd whip out his wallet and give it to you, then walk away smiling like an emoji....

UV Inks are really cool and eventually, every artist should consider getting some to mess around with and add another "dimension" if you will, to their ordinary tats!

What You'll Like

  • Ink glows in the dark, and under a UV Blacklight
  • 100% U.S.A Made
  • Safe to use
  • Professional Ink, & Professional Brand
  • High quality ink
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • Bold and fade resistant
  • Smooth 
  • Consistent & Trusted Brand by Pros

What You'll Dislike

  • Pricey & No Free Shipping

Included Inks

  • Purple Haze​
  • Invisble Fallout​
  • Atomic Green​
  • Red Dawn​
  • Raging Magenta​
  • Radiant Pink​
  • Smoldering Orange​
  • Afterglow Yellow​
  • Blue Smoke

3. 14 Millennium Moms PRIMARY 2 Tattoo Ink (Best Secondary Color Ink Set)

14 Millennium Moms PRIMARY 2 Tattoo Ink Best Tattoo Ink Review

Millennium Moms Primary 2 Ink Review

Tired of the basic, same old, cliche colors? Close to hitting rock bottom with color boredom?

That's why Mom's Primary 2 Ink set is a color revolution ICON!!!

These unique secondary colors will make your tats pop with a new explosion of attractive colors... So much so that your tattoo career or hobby, will feel newly found all over again....

Trying out professional grade inks of different colors is inspiring and refreshing...

It's like being reborn and have gallons of gasoline dumped onto your once small ember of desire...

Want to reignite your tat passion like never before? Try this secondary colored inks by Millennium Moms and thank me later!

What You'll Like

  • Sterile
  • Bright & Vibrant
  • Bold & Smooth
  • Unique Secondary Colors
  • Used by Pros like Eindhoven, Brian Murphy and Marcus Kuhn
  • Fast, Free Shipping
  • Professional Quality Ink
  • Sticks in skin amazingly well
  • Ink heals true-to-color
  • Minimal, if any, fading

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing

Included Inks

  • Power White
  • Mo'Money Green
  • Agent Orange
  • Ol' Blue Eyes
  • Red Rum
  • Grey Hound
  • Black Cherry
  • Doo Doo Brown
  • Suede Peachie Keen 
  • Pink Pussy Cat
  • Magic Magenta
  • Tropical Teal
  • Blue Balls

2. Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink (Best Black Tattoo Ink)

Best Tattoo Ink Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink Moms Brand Millennium Moms

Millennium Moms Black Pearl Tattoo Ink Review

This ink is darker than the grim reapers soul...

Mom's doesn't just made some of the best bright colored ink... They also make the best, most dark & rich pigmented, black tattoo ink in the industry!

If you want the best of the best, Black Pearl is it....

It's pitch black, blacker than black....

*flips on flashlight and holds it under his face, around a tattoo enthusiast gathered bonfire, in a creepy, dark, twilight-like night* 

Legend has it that if you stare at the ink long enough.... it slowly but surely, only gets blacker... (DUH... DUH... DUHHHHHHH!)

Just like the usual pro quality inks, Black Pearl is safe to use (Sterilized), bold, and rich pigmented...

Making it an excellent choice for any artist, and at an unbelievably affordable price!

What You'll Like

  • Blackest Black
  • Bold & Super Dark
  • INCREDIBLE Liner Ink
  • Thin & Applies Fast
  • Safe (Sterile)
  • U.S.A Made
  • Very Affordable
  • Free Shipping
  • Extraordinarily dark & rich pigment
  • High Quality, Best of the Best, Professional Ink at PHENOMENAL Price

What You'll Dislike

  • Nothing

Included Inks

  • Black Pearl

1. Millennium Mom's Tattoo Ink Set (Best Tattoo Ink Set with Basic Colors)

Best Tattoo Ink Set Millennium Mom's Tattoo Ink Set half oz 14-Bottles Review

Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Set Review

The #1 BEST Tattoo Ink Set goes to one of the BEST Ink Brands, Millennium Moms 14 Bottle Set!

It's everything you'll need, and everything you could want...

Vibrant colors that pop and last...

Safe, highly concentrated pigment...

U.S.A Made, bold, smooth, and holds in the skin like magic...

The colors are heavenly and the deal is unreal... Affordable + Free Shipping for 14 pro quality inks that has not been matched by other ink brands!

If you want the absolute best deal for a tattoo ink set then this is the best option for you!

What You'll Like

  • Affordable
  • Free Shipping
  • U.S.A Made
  • Pro Brand, Pro Ink (High Quality Product)
  • Safe (Sterile)
  • Bold
  • Bright
  • Smooth
  • Vibrant
  • Thick (may need to mix & dilute)
  • Mixes very well
  • Minimal fading, if any
  • Holds like rubber cement (Metaphorically speaking)
  • Used by Pro Tattoo Artists like Brian Murphy and Marcus Kuhn
  • Best Color Ink Set for Professional Artists
  • Made by one of, if not the best, Tattoo Ink Brands in the World.

What You'll Dislike

  • nothing

Included Inks

  • 14 Kt Gold
  • Fleshy Flesh
  • Marvelous Magenta
  • Brown Sugar
  • Monthly Red
  • EctoPlasmic Green
  • Power White
  • Black Onyx
  • Pretty Boy Blue
  • Forest Gump Green
  • Purple Nurple
  • Hello Yellow
  • Ice Blue
  • Violent Violet


Well... Mom's won the Best Tattoo Ink Brand in my list so far this year, but I'll continue to update the list as months go buy to keep it fresh, since brands update their products and try to compete for the best spot!

If you're a beginner tattoo artist then I recommend choosing an ink that's lower on the list (7 - 10)... because those are great ink sets but at much cheaper prices! 

The inks that are higher ranked, are the best of the best, and a bit more pricey.... So keep that in mind when looking for the best ink option for you!

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with any link on this list, because, as always... This is a Rachet Jaws Review and I ONLY include quality products for my readers!

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