5 BEST Reciprocating Saws Of 2019 That Cut Like A Dream…

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Best Reciprocating Saw Sawzall of both corded and cordless

Looking for the #1 Best Reciprocating Saw of 2019? I'll tell you the Best of the Best Sawzalls that are Available on the Market so that you can remodel or demolish anything your heart desires....

You'll be able to make fast, clean, easy, beautiful, and/or destructive cuts with these amazing Recip Saws that I've listed below so Continue Reading to See the Best Reciprocating Saws of 2019....

(Quick Fun Fact: Reciprocating Saws are also known as, Saber Saw, Recip Saw, and Sawzall)

5 Best Reciprocating Saw(s) of 2019

1. (Smallest & Most Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw of 2019) DEWALT DCS387P1 Cordless Sawzall Kit

DEWALT DCS387P1 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Compact Reciprocating Saw Kit Review Best Reciprocating Saw 2019

DEWALT DCS387P1 Sawzall Kit Review

DeWALT's Cordless Compact Reciprocating Saw is the #1 Best Reciprocating Saw Available Today and Here's Why.....

This incredible deal includes a 20 Volt, Maxium Lithium Ion, 5.0Ah Battery, a Battery Charger, a Carrying/Storing Bag, and a Top of the Line Reciprocating Saw that can cut quick and easily through any metal pipes, wood, nails, shrubs, downspouts, and it'll also get in-between studs easily....

The DeWALT DCS387P1 has a Long Battery Life, and thanks to the motor being relocated in front of the trigger, this sawzall is more compact than any other model in it's class... Which makes it a joy to have for tight and cramp areas!

Professional Woodworkers and Tree Trimmers LOVE this Reciprocating Saw because of how small, and lightweight it is, yet it still packs a ton of power into it....

DEWALT DCS387P1 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Should You Get the DeWALT DCS387P1 Reciprocating Saw Kit?

IF you need a Saber Saw (Sawzall) for making weird cuts at weird angles in confined spaces, then get this Sawzall because it's so compact and amazing for tight cuts with barely any room... It's also great for going in-between studs....

ALSO, If you just need something thats portable, lightweight, and something that has enough power for most basic to intermediate uses...

Such as, tree trimming, gardening, landscaping, woodworking, metal pipes, downspouts, or anything else around the house, yard, and garden... Then this is your Best Option and You Should Consider this Sawzall first and foremost....

Who is it Best For?

Anyone who needs to cut in cramp areas, odd angles, or in weird ways, or just anyone who needs a Sawzall for at home uses... (This Sawzall however is not the best for professional work such as construction or demolition, but it is the best for weird, odd, or hard-to-get-to cuts....

If you just want the tool only then click here...

Blades Sold Separately Here...


  • Compact & Lightweight (Great for Confined spaces & fits between studs)
  • the fastest cutting cordless reciprocating saw available (2900 SPM)
  • cuts like a dream
  • check
    Very powerful
  • check
    Long battery life
  • durable


  • Vibrates a bit (according to a few previous customers)
  • not made in the u.s.a

Features & Specs

  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • 4 Position Blade Clamp that allows for flush cutting
  • 1-1/8" stroke length delivers faster cutting speed
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    variable speed trigger (0-2900 SPM) and a safety lock

2. Makita XRJ04T Cordless Sawzall Kit (Most Convenient & Efficient Reciprocating Saw)

Makita XRJ04T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Recipro Saw Kit Review Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Makita XRJ04T Sawzall Kit Review

Makita's XRJ04T Sawzall cuts through virtually everything with ease, especially nails, studs, and wood...

One thing that's quite amazing about this Saber Saw is that it comes with 2 of the fastest charging batteries in the industry, which means you can work with one battery while the other quickly charges... Then swap them when needed so that you can continually work without worrying about dead batteries...

Not only does it have efficiently designed batteries to save you time, but also, the Saw Blades can be installed and removed without any additional tools in just Seconds... Being able to change the Saw Blades quickly with just your hands, also saves you time and adds to how amazingly efficient and convenient this reciprocating saw is....

With a 1-1/4" Stroke Length and 2800 SPM, Makita's XRJ04T isn't quite as quick as DeWALT's DCS387P1, but it's right there behind it as a Runner Up in Cutting Speed....

Makita XRJ04T Reciprocating Saw Kit Review

While DeWALT wins in... Power, Speed, Price, and Compact Spaces, Makita takes the win in areas like... Ease of Use, Convenience, Efficiency/Productivity, and Comfort...

But it's all very close competition between the two... In the End, Makita would be Best for a DIYer or Handy-Man who just needs a simple to use, quick cutting, high quality, and very productive Reciprocating Saw...

If you want the tool only instead of kit, click here...


  • Most Productive & Efficient Sawzall
  • Comfortable Soft Rubberized Grip
  • Cuts Quickly and Smoothly
  • check
    High quality, Convenient, and easy to use


  • Most expensive on the list (unless you get the tool only)
  • Not compatible with older model batteries

Features & Specs

  • Tool-Less Blad Change System
  • Refined Crank Mechanism for less blade deflection and vibration
  • variable speed trigger
  • ergonomic design overall
  • up to 2800 sPM

3. Milwaukee 6519-31 Best Corded Reciprocating Saw (Best Reciprocating Saw Under $100)

Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Variable Speed Trigger Review Best Reciprocating Corded Sawzall Saber Saw 2019

Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall Review

This is the Rocky Balboa or Babe Ruth of Sawzalls... Power, Power, Power.... 

If you do heavy duty work and need a Reciprocating Saw that can handle heavy duty work then the Milwaukee 6519-31 is exactly what you're looking for....

The 6519 packs a powerful punch with a 12 Amp Motor that Cuts at up to 3000 SPM... It's an industry leading, high performance reciprocating saw that's effective on a huge variety of materials....

This is EASILY the Best Corded Reciprocating Saw Available Today...

Tons of Groundbreaking Features like: a Gear Protecting Glutch for extended life expectancy of the motor and tool, a Counter Weighted Mechanism for greater control and reduced vibration, AND.... Even Better YET.... Quick Lock Technology, so that you can add or remove your saw blades easily by using a latch on the side of the unit, instead of using additional tools...

(And Yes, the New Latch Technology for Blades keeps the Blades just as steady and secure as the previous hex-key fastener...)

Who is this Best For?

Construction Workers and Demolition Workers... Or ANYONE who needs a Heavy Duty, Powerful Cutting Sawzall....

*NOTE* Blades Sold Separately Here...


  • Most Powerful Corded Reciprocating Saw
  • Smooth & Quick Cuts
  • check
    Heavy Duty & High Quality
  • check
    Can Easily & Quickly Replace Saw Blades by Hand
  • most efficient corded reciprocating saw (best in class for ergonomics)


  • Jams after a year of use according to Previous Customers 

Features & Specs

  • quick blade lock technology for easy & fast saw blame changing
  • vibration reduction design
  • gear protecting clutch
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    high powered motor

4. PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS Corded Sawzall (Great for Plumbers and Around-The-House Type Work)

PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review Corded Sawzall

PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS Corded Sawzall Review

Porter-Cable's PC75TRS Corded Sawzall is cheaper than Milwaukee's Corded Sawzall but Milwaukee is definitely the better power-tool with a behemoth 12 amp motor, meanwhile, Porter-Cable's PC75TRS only has a 7.5 amp motor...

So if you don't necessarily need the strongest corded reciprocating saw, but rather, a lower priced one... thats more affordable, then this is your go to option...

This Saber Saw has nearly all the same features as it's corded competitor by Milwaukee, the only difference is that Porter-Cable's PC75TRS has a Pivoting Shoe that easily maneuvers around objects while cutting...

If you just need something that's very affordable and that can still cut fairly quickly and easily, then this is what you should consider getting...

Based on the specifications, this Sawzall would be best for Plumbers, Electricians, and Handy Man Work around the House...


  • Under $100
  • Easy to Change blades
  • great value
  • check
    amazing for handy man work
  • check
    comfortable, simple, and easy to use


  • not the most powerful or quickest cutting recip saw
  • not very durable

Features & Specs

  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • 7.5 Amp Motor
  • Twist Lock mechanism for easy blade changing
  • pivoting shoe for easy manuevering around objects
  • soft grips for better control and reduced vibration

5. Ryobi P515 Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Best Sawzall for the Money)

Ryobi Cordless Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Review

Ryobi P515 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

For around only $50, you can't beat this Reciprocating Saw....

Now of course its nowhere near as good as DeWALT, Makita, or Milwaukee's Reciprocating Saws that are listed above...

But if you just need a Sawzaw for a few uses here and there... and/or would like to have one around just in case you'll ever need one... Then don't spend a bunch of money on a industry leading, top grade reciprocating saw like the first 3 on the list...

Instead... buy something like Ryobi's P515, which is insanely affordable and get's the job done just fine... especially for the amazingly low price....

Although it's not the most powerful or most durable, it surprisingly is the quickest cutting Sawzall on the list, clocking in at 3100 SPM...

Unfortunately it just comes with the tool, no blades or batteries as they are sold separately and a lot of previous customers were upset with how much it wobbles due to a lack of power...


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Very Light and comfortable
  • 3100 SPM Cutting speed
  • Easy to change blades technology


  • not durable
  • wobbles & shakes (Not enough power for metal and hard wood)
  • batteries and blades sold separately

Features & Specs

  • Variable speed trigger
  • rubber overmold
  • compatible with older ryobi battery models
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    easy blade changing mechanism

Which Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall) Is Best For You?

Here's an Easy to Read List that Explains which Top 3 Reciprocating Saws are the Best in Each Specific Class or Category...

This is Intended to Help You Decide Which Sawzall Option is the Absolute Best Option for You....

Most Powerful Reciprocating Saw:

Most Durable Reciprocating Saw:

Most Convenient Reciprocating Saw:

Most Efficient Reciprocating Saw:

Fastest Cutting Reciprocating Saw:

Highest Rated Reciprocating Saw:

Most Affordable Reciprocating Saw:

Most Value (Best Deal) Reciprocating Saw:

Smallest & Most Compact Reciprocating Saw:

Easiest to Use Reciprocating Saw:

Best to Use for Construction & Demolition:

Best to Use for DIY, Renovation, Home Projects, Woodworkers, & Plumbers:

Class (Category)
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Most Powerful Reciprocating Saw
Most Durable Reciprocating Saw
Most Convenient Reciprocating Saw
Most Efficient Reciprocating Saw
Fastest Cutting Reciprocating Saw
Highest Rated Reciprocating Saw
Most Affordable Reciprocating Saw
Most Value (Best Deal) Reciprocating Saw
Smallest & Most Compact Reciprocating Saw
Easiest to Use Reciprocating Saw
Best for Construction & Demolition
Best for DIY, Renovation, Home Projects, Plumbers, and Woodworkers
If You Didn't Like The List and Would Rather See More of the Best Reciprocating Saw Options For Yourself, Then Click The Button Below....

(Best Reciprocating Saw Blades of 2019) Milwaukee 49-22-1129 12-Piece Sawzall Blade Set

Best Reciprocating Saw Blades

These blades cut like a Katana slicing through Wind... It's practically effortless. This Reciprocating Saw Blade Set by Milwaukee is the Highest Rated Set and the Best You Can Buy in 2019....


There's the List of the 5 Best Reciprocating Saws...

Hopefully you find the perfect Sawzall Option for You and if not, you can always browse yourself by clicking below to see hundreds of options...

Thanks for Reading and Please Share if this Helped You!

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