5 BEST Impact Wrenches That’ll Make Your Job Easier! (2019 Review)

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Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench Review

Looking for that Impact Wrench with brute strength, with a long battery life and nut busting abilities that'll blow your mind? 

Great, cause we found 5 Impact Wrenches like that, that you'll LOVE working with...

From Linemen, To Mechanics, To Plumbers, To Construction Workers, and More.... Impact Wrenches are the Working Man's Friend....

An Impact Wrench is like Giving a Big F@#k You to all the Nuts & Bolts that are being a Pain in the A$$... Which is why you'll want one of the best impact wrenches available, and we have the Top 5 BEST, listed below... Check em out!

Here's the 5 Best Impact Wrenches of Every Kind

1. DEWALT DCF889M2 (#1 BEST Impact Wrench Kit Of 2019)

DEWALT DCF889M2 Impact Wrench Kit

DeWALT DCF889M2 Kit Review:

DeWALT is a Famous Brand for a Reason... They Build Great Tools that Get the Job Done Quickly, Easily, and With Outstanding Quality...

This kit comes with a Bag, Battery Charger, and 2 Lithium-ion Batteries that are 20 volts each...

Weighing in at 12 Pounds, with a battery life (when fully charged) of 24 Hours... This Kit is one hell of a deal, especially when considering it has 400 ft. - lbs. of max torque.

It has a Detent Pin for the Anvil Type, Also it comes with a little light built-in, in case you need to use it at night....

A Button can be pressed to see exactly how much battery is left, and it has enough battery juice to last you an entire days worth of work, even with heavy use!


  • Very Long Battery Life
  • Comes with 2 Batteries & Charger
  • Tons of torque power
  • check
    durable (lasts a long time)
  • check
    works perfectly for all lug nuts
  • check
    Variable Speed Trigger with brake


  • Expensive (but worth it)


  • 400 ft.-lbs of maximum torque
  • XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge
  • Variable speed trigger with electric brake
  • Anvil Type: Detent Pin
  • Built in light

Who is the DEWALT DCF889M2 Impact Wrench Kit Best For?

This kit would be best for a Working Man who Needs an Impact Wrench Daily and Someone who works all over, travels a lot, or works outside and has no plug in or any way to bring an air compressor....

Since this Impact Wrench is Cordless and just takes batteries, It can be taken any & everywhere, so I'd recommend it for a Lineman or Plumber specifically!

Another thing to mention would be that if you need an impact wrench that can smoothly and easily be controlled so you don't strip smaller bolts or nuts.... Then this is the one for you because it has exceptionally amazing control...

With such incredible batteries, it'd be easy to get a days worth of work done without having to worry about re-charging or tugging around an air compressor or trying to find a plug in like you would have to with a corded version!

I would just leave one battery on the charger all day and work with the other, then after that day of work... Switch the charged one with the one you worked with, and charge the one you worked with...

That way you have a fully charged, ready to go battery every single day of work... and that one battery should last you all day!

DEWALT DCF889M2 Impact Wrench Kit

2. AIRCAT 1150 (#1 BEST Air Impact Wrench)

Best Air Impact Wrench

AIRCAT 1150 Review:

Aircat is Top of the Line in terms of Raw Torque... Very Few Impact Wrenches can Match Airtcats 1295 ft-lb. Torque at 9000 rpm.

With a Flip Lever Switch, Variable Speeds, and a light weight of 4.63 pounds... This is the Tasmanian devil of Impact Wrenches!

Insane amount of power, air compressor powered, and vicious....

Very affordable for the majority of people, plus precision beyond belief....

Aircats 1150 is one of the best you can buy...

Although it's fierce and strong... It has received some customer complaints and negative reviews, which I will cover in the cons section....

But if you're someone looking for an Air Compressor Powered Impact Wrench in specific then this bad boy cannot be overpowered... It's the toughest and most powerful Air Impact Wrench in it's class.


  • Most Powerful Pneumatic
  • Can Un-Loosen ANY nut or bolt
  • affordable
  • check
    very quiet for how much power it has
  • check
    much better than a breaker bar
  • check
    an Automotive mechanics best friend


  • Trigger is touchy
  • can wobble sockets a lot
  • gun vibrates when in high ranges of power and it doesn't have very good control


  • patented quiet technology
  • 900 - 1295 ft-lb. of torque
  • air compressor powered
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Flip Lever, Variable Speeds, 9000 rPM, and 86 Decibel sound level

Who is the AIRCAT 1150 Best For?

Considering it's powered by an air compressor and it has an insane amount of torque that could defeat even the rustiest lug nuts... I'd recommend this Pneumatic for a Mechanic or Automotive Engineer....

For every and all grease monkey who either works on vehicles for a living or does it as a hobby... This is a reasonably priced, monster of an impact wrench. You couldn't get a better deal... 

Probably everyone reading this buyer guide/review could afford this Impact Wrench as it's the 3rd Cheapest on the list... 

I wouldn't recommend this impact wrench for lineman or plumbers since you'd have to tug around an air compressor and find a way to plug it in... but for a mechanic, it'd be great! Perfect even!

Best Air Impact Wrench

3. DEWALT DCF889B (#1 BEST Cordless Impact Wrench | Tool Only)

DEWALT DCF889B 20V MAX Lithium Ion High Torque Impact Wrench

DeWALT DCF889B Review:

This is also very affordable... But mainly because this only comes with the impact wrench, the battery and charger is sold seperately...

But for Under $150, this is a dream machine... Especially if you already have an impact wrench 20v battery and charger... and if you do already have those then this is the best option for you....

This Impact Wrench is the perfect mixture of comfort, control, and durability. It has a magnesium gear case and all-metal transmission for the absolute best durability...

5 to 10 years depending how frequency of use and how hard you use it, is about the average lifespan of this Incredible Impact Wrench.... 

Durability is great because that means you only have to buy 1 every decade which is much less expensive than buying a new cheaply made impact wrench every 6 months to a year.....

It has a plastic covering that's designed for optimal comfort when holding and using, it's not very heavy, quite compact, and be taken anywhere, and has 400 ft-lb. of maximum torque....

If you don't need a full kit, just a good impact wrench that's easily portable, and that'll last a long time.... Plus you don't wanna fork over too much money for one... Then this is the PERFECT Impact Wrench for You!


  • Tons of Control
  • very comfortable
  • easily portable
  • check
    best Cordless Impact Wrench
  • check
    will last 5 to 10 years
  • check
    well built, high quality design
  • amazing customer support
  • enough power for most impact wrench needs


  • Battery & Charger not included
  • kind of Heavy
  • Not as powerful as a pneumatic (Air Impact Wrench)


  • 20V Lithium Ion Battery powered
  • 5.4 Pounds
  • 400 Feet/Pound for wide variety of difficult fastnening or loosening applications
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    LED Light, Variable Speed Trigger with Brake, and a Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and control

Who is the DEWALT DCF889B Best For?

This would be best for someone who already has a Dewalt that takes 20V Lithium-ion Batteries and needs a replacement Impact Wrench because your old one broken, was stolen, or was lost....

If you need an Impact Wrench, plus the batteries and charger... Then it'd be best for you to go ahead and buy the Best Impact Wrench Kit - DEWALT DCF889M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Detent Pin.

However, if you work construction or are a mechanic or maybe a carpenter or remodeler or a mechanical contractor... I'd recommend using something more powerful than a battery operated impact wrench.... Something like the Aircat 1150 Mentioned above would be best for those professions who need a lot of power for certain jobs. Either use an Air Impact Wrench or an Electric Corded one!

DEWALT DCF889B 20V MAX Lithium Ion High Torque Impact Wrench

4. Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 (#1 BEST All-Around, Premium Impact Wrench)

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Review:

Milwaukee's 2763-22 M18 is the absolute BEST of the BEST!

So why didn't I put it at #1???

Because I ranked the impact wrenches with my reader in mind..... YOU!

I ranked this impact wrench review list with affordability, convenience, different professions, and quality of wrench, all in mind...  

And..... Not every can afford this impact wrench as it's the best high end/premium quality impact wrench on the market... The Cream of the Crop, The Drop it Like its Hot, The Big C*ck Walk.... That type of Quality!

This Cordless Impact Wrench DESERVES Bragging Rights as it's built with an outstanding design and state of the art technology....

If you want the best of the best that you can get... Maybe because you're the best of the best or because you admire the art form of high quality... 

Then this is for you...  OR If you want an Impact Wrench that'll be an "All You'll Ever Need" or a "Jack of All Trades" type of Impact Wrench, then this 2763-22 M18 is PERFECT for you!

To Better Reference what getting this Impact Wrench would be like, I'll say....

This M18 Impact Wrench by Milwaukee is like that hot babe from high school, that EVERY guy wanted, especially you....

....And when it came time for you to grow some balls, face your fears, and make a move with her, you inevitably embarrass yourself shortly after you fumble your words, let your mind go blank, piss yourself a little bit (or a lot a bit for some of you) and your sweat glands start racing at 9,000 rpm.

But Now? You can having something that's equivalent to that dream high school babe you always lusted after... How can you have it? Answer: Money. How else can you get babes? lol... 


  • 2 High Quality Lithium-Ion Batteries Included
  • Built with pure, durable, metal
  • easily portable, No Cords, No Loud Compressor, Just Power
  • check
    Most Powerful Cordless
  • check
    Incredible Sound, Feel, Comfort, and Battery Life
  • check
    Should Last you at least 10 years


  • Heavy & Long
  • can be too powerful for smaller application needs
  • Expensive


  • 700 ft-lb Fastening torque & 1100 ft-lb nut-busting torque
  • powerstate brushless motor
  • drive control feature with 2 different fastnening modes
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    redlithium xC premium battery pack to deliver 2x more runtime than competitors

Who is the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Best For?


This would be best for anyone.....

Milwaukee's 2763-22 M18 can do it ALL! It's a premium, best of the best, great all-around impact wrench.

This would be the perfect & ideal impact wrench kit for Linemen, Plumbers, Carpenters, Construction Workers, Truckers, Engineering Contractors, and even Mechanics...

It has almost as much power as a pneumatic impact wrench but without any cords, mess, hassle, air compressor, or anything else... You just plug in one of the charged batteries and let the other sit on the charger and then boom... You're ready to go do any job that requires an impact wrench. It's simple, convenient, ideal, easy, fast, powerful, and efficient.... Isn't that everything anyone's ever wanted??? 

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Cordless Impact Wrench

5. Porter Cable PCE211 (#1 BEST Corded Electric Impact Wrench)

Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench

Porter Cable PCE211 Review:

Porter's PCE211 is just about as good as any other impact wrench on this list, while also being the 2nd cheapest on the list...

Out of all the Corded Electric Impact Wrenches out there... This is about the best you can get, and at an insanely affordable price... It's around $100 and under!

It has a 7.5 amp motor for heavy applications, 450 ft-lb torque, and best of all, it plugs into an outlet so you don't have to listen to a noisy, loud air compressor while using it or worry about having charged batteries....

Plus, another thing about battery powered impact wrenches is that they can sometimes malfunction or give up on you, then never hold their charge like they use too... Or in a simpler way of saying, they've kissed their glory days goodbye!

But with a corded electric, you just simply plug the sucker in and you're done... No need to worry about batteries and their charge!


  • VERY Affordable
  • Enough Power for Most Application Needs
  • Don't have to worry about batteries, chargers, air compressors, or any other kind of required accessories
  • check
    easy to control & use
  • check
  • check
    as good or better than your breaker bar and as efficient as an air impact wrench


  • Not enough power for heavy applications
  • might last a few years (Bad Build quality, Not durable)


  • 7.5 amp motor
  • 450 ft-lb torque
  • 2,200 to 2,700 rpm speed
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    variable speed switch

Who is the Porter PCE211 Best For?

The Porter Electric Impact Wrench would be best for a working man who can't afford much more than a $100 impact wrench... Also considering it'll need an outlet, it'd probably be best for a plumber, carpenter, or small mechanic shop employee or someone who is a mechanic as a hobby...

I wouldn't recommend this impact wrench for linemen who have to climb poles and towers because you have to plug it in, professions like a lineman should get a battery operated impact wrench!

So basically... This is for plumbers, mechanic hobbyists, carpenters, and a handy man who can't afford much more than $100 for an impact wrench.

Porter-Cable PCE211 Impact Wrench

Best Impact Wrench by Profession:

Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench Review

Best for a Automotive Mechanic, Engineer, or Construction Worker:

Automotive Workers will need a powerful impact wrench to remove rusty lug nuts that are corroded away so the best impact wrench for automotive purposes such as lug nuts would be a high torque impact wrench like listed above... Those two listed are two of the most powerful impact wrenches available today! No rusty lug nut or any nut could withstand the force of those two King-Like Impact Wrenches! Some customer reviews of these two impact wrenches have stated that they are nascar grade... which is really impressive.. You could change tires on these in under a minute!

Best for a Lineman, Pumber, & Carpenter:

These professions typically don't need very much power... but they do need something thats easy to carry around so the 3 listed above are all cordless impact wrenches and they would be perfect for the professions listed!

Best for a Handy Man & Re-modelers or Restoration Workers:

Air vs. Cordless Impact Wrenches: Which is Better?

Modern Day Cordless Impact Wrenches are much more quiet, portable, convenient, and technologically advanced! 

However, Air Impact Wrenches are still the strongest, most power, and provide the most torque possible.

The Cons of Owning an Air Impact Wrench are that you must also have an Air Compressor which isn't easy to tug around, it's loud and noisy and you'll need an outlet to plug the Air Compressor into!

Cordless Impact Wrenches only have a few cons, such as, not having as much power as an Air Impact Wrench and having to recharge the batteries.

Neither are better than the other at the moment but.... in the future, if cordless impact wrenches get as much or more power than an Air Impact Wrench then you might as well kiss Air Impact Wrenches Gone! 

Honestly, they're getting close to doing that... The Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 has almost as much power as any air impact wrench on the market and for half the price of some of the most expensive, and best professional, air impact wrenches available...

Impact Wrench Buyers Guide:

DeWALT Impact Wrench Review

In this section of the article I Will Help You Determine Exactly Which Impact Wrench Would Be the Best Purchase Decision for YOU and Why... To make sure that you get the best deal, and pick the best option that will make you the most happy!

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Impact Wrench

You'll want to consider the following when making your purchasing decision on your next Impact Wrench....

  • What you'll use the Impact Wrench for
  • How Strong of an Impact Wrench You Need
  • area or location you'll be using the impact wrench

These are the 3 main things to consider...

Plus I'll discuss the differences of the Impact Wrenches Listed in the Review Section... Continue Reading below....

Impact Wrench Usage

Whats the Best Impact Wrench Drill for Removing Lug Nuts and a Automotive Mechanic

If you're going to be using an Impact Wrench for your Job/Profession then you'll probably want a higher end, high quality impact wrench to insure you get the job done quick, easily, well, and done right!

But if you're going to use an Impact Wrench for a hobby or you just want one in case you'll need it, because maybe you're a handy man... Then I'd suggest getting a less expensive one but one that is still built well and does what it's suppose too! 

So depending on what you'll use it for... Job, Hobby, Work around the House, etc. should be something you consider when purchasing your new impact wrench!

The reason I think you should get a high quality one for work is because you want to make sure you get the job done right. Let's say you get a cheap impact wrench and it fails on you.... Then you're just screwed... The battery could stop holding its charge because you dropped it once or maybe it wasn't well built or maybe you bought one with a factory defect in it!

When it comes to tools, You get what you pay for.... So I'd buy a high end, high quality impact wrench if you're gonna use it for work just so that you have that peace of mind. Try Milwaukee or DeWALT for work... As they are durable, trustworthy brands.

Impact Wrench Power

Powerful Impact Wrenches for Linemen

Depending on the type of application you'll need an Impact Wrench for should also be a determining factor in which one you purchase....

For applications that are 500 ft-lb. of torque or greater than I'd suggest the Milwaukee Impact Wrench Listed or an Aircat Impact Wrench. Mechanics & Construction Workers, especially diesel mechanics should probably get a high torque impact wrench because they have a very wide range of torque requirements!

For a mechanical engineer or contractor or any profession like that, I'd suggest getting a high torque impact wrench also!

Linemen, Plumbers, Carpenters and other professions like these, shouldn't need a high torque impact wrench! So I'd recommend the DEWALT DCF889M2 Most for those professions!

For a handy man who just needs a Impact Wrench for using around the house or to help a neighbor then you probably won't need anything high torque or high end... I'd recommend the Porter PCE211 for them....

Location of Use

Best Impact Wrench for a Lineman Carpenter and Plumber

Depending on where you'll be using your impact wrench should also dictate what impact wrench you ought to purchase....

Linemen have to work on poles and towers, therefore, a battery powered impact wrench would be the absolute best choice for them because they can't tug around an air or electric impact wrench since they'd need a plug-in... and when you're out in the open, on a pole or tower, in the middle of nowhere.... It's quite hard to find a plug-in, lol.

That's just one example though, and it's pretty much just common sense!

Mechanics would make the best decision to buy an Air Impact Wrench since they'll be in a shop where there will be plug-ins to power up an air compressor.

Construction Workers probably would make the best decision to also purchase an Air Impact Wrench!

For other professions that are mobile or always on the go like a plumber or carpenter then I'd also suggest a cordless, battery powered impact wrench!

Other Things to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Impact Wrench for You!

Impact Wrench Buyers Guide

Motor: There are 2 types of motors in Impact Wrenches... Just a regular motor and a Brushless Motor...

Brushless Motors contain no moving parts which basically means... they are much more durable, don't wear anywhere as much as a regular motor, and they're more of an efficient design system which in turn gives you better power & torque in a natural way thanks to engineering & physics!

If you want the best motor then get a brushless motor like the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 has....

Shape: The L shape impact wrench which looks like a standard drill shape is the most common... and it's also the only shape of impact wrenches that I listed in the review because they're the most popular!

Shape doesn't matter very much but I did want to mention that there are actually different shapes of impact wrenches, not only the drill shape or L shape.

Grip: All you need to know is that ergonomic rubber grips are the most comfortable, and also give you more optimized control so the impact wrench is easier to control and use.

Try to get an Impact Wrench with an ergonomic rubber grip like the ones I listed above in the review!


In Conclusion... You Should Buy what you like most and what fits your usage, location of use, and power requirements best.

In the end, there are tons of great impact wrenches, I listed 5 of the most highly reputed & highly review, but, the truly best impact wrench for you is whichever one you like the most!

Thanks for Reading & Feel Free to Comment Below... - Michael

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