5 BEST Electrician Tool Belts That You’ll LOVE to Work With In 2019!

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Best Electrician Tool Belt Rachet Jaws Review

Wondering What the Best Electrician Tool Belt Available Is? 

If so, Continue Reading, as this Review / Buyers Guide will Help You Find the BEST Electrician Tool Belt for You Personally....

All Electrician Tool Belts Listed Come With Pouches, A Few Come with Suspenders, but all of them have suspenders that can be bought Separately if you need them...

All belts on the List are Top Rated Electrician Tool Belts and They're all of the Highest Quality... So You can't go Wrong with Any of them on this List...

Best Electrician Tool Belt(s) of 2019

1. Occidental Leather 9596 (#1 Best Electrician Tool Belt of 2019, Best for Industrial Electricians)

Occidental Leather 9596 Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9596 review

With 55+ Previous Customer Reviews, Occidental Leather 9596 Electrician Tool Belt holds an Astonishing 4.4 Star Rating out of 5 Stars...

This is the absolute BEST of the BEST that Money can Buy!

Only Consider Buying it if you're a Professional Electrician (Industrial or Commercial Work) that's been in the trade for a long time...

The 9596 Electricians Belt by Occidental is the most expensive on the list but worth every penny and any Electrician would tell you the same...

Made out of Leather, and by an Electrician Brand Favorite (Occidental), this King of Belts is Built to Last! Highly Durable and Highly Comfortable, making it a JOY to Own and Something You'll LOVE Working with...

If you admire quality craftsmanship (Which most Electricians do since they themselves provide quality craftsmanship), Then you'll admire this Belt by Occidental, as much as you admire your own Hard Work....

video that shows why occidental is best


  • High Quality craftsmanship
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Tons of room for tools & very organized
  • check
    Most Durable (Should Last YEARS, if not a decade or two)
  • check
    100% Leather
  • Incredible Design on Pouches, loops, bags, etc.


  • $250 + (High End Priced Electrician Belt with pouches)
  • Bags are fixed (no adding or switching)

features & specs

  • 100% leather
  • Adjust-to-fit
  • Built-in Hip Padding
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Specific tool designed pouches for perfect fit and easy to remember organization

2. Occidental Leather 5590 (Best Electrician Tool Belt for Left Handed Electricians & Commercial Electricians)

Occidental Leather 5590 Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 5590 review

Occidental is still on top with their Leather 5590 Electricians Tool Belt...

What's AMAZING about this Belt and it's Bags is that.... The bags can be swapped so if you're Left Handed and Wanting a Great Electrician Belt for Lefties... Then this is the Best Option for You....

The Pouches are designed for Specific Tools and Hold the Tools in Place to Prevent them from Dropping out, PLUS, the Pouches have Tons of Room, which makes your Job all the more easier....

Like the previous Occidental Belt on the List, this one is hand made in the U.S.A, from 100% Leather... Which also makes it Highly Durable, Tough, and Amazing Quality.....

Comfortable, and Designed for Convenience and Organization so you can Work Efficiently...


  • Handmade with 100% leather in the u.s.
  • durable, tough, comfortable, organized
  • best option for left handed electricians
  • check
    pouches hold tools in place and can be swapped or rearranged any way you want
  • check
    a lot room in pouches


  • $250 + (High End Priced Electricians Belt)

features & specs

  • bags & pouches can be swapped to either side
  • no spill tool holder system
  • hand specific tool holders

3. Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package (Best Electrician Tool Belt With Suspenders)

Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package (Tool Belt, Suspenders, Gloves, Drill Holster) Best Electrician Tool Belt With Suspenders

Gatorback Electricians belt review

What I Love about this Electrician Tool Belt is that it comes with Suspenders, Gloves, and a Drill Holster, PLUS, the Back Support Part is Ventilated...

This is such an Amazing Deal for an Electricians Tool Belt at a Mind-Blowingly Affordable Cost...

Gatorbacks Electrician Belts have every size you can think of so if you normally have trouble with getting a Work Belt that Fits... Definitely Consider Buying this One, as it has every Size Imaginable....

Also, if you have back pains or issues, then this is the Best Electrician Tool Belt for You... Combined with Suspenders and a Comfortable Back Support, this Belt takes a HUGE Load of your Back....

Another great thing about this Belt is that they're nearly half the price of Occidental Electrician Tool Belts...


  • Under $200
  • Comfortable + takes a load of your back + comfy on the waist
  • check
    has a Belt for every size of waist
  • check
    bags/pouches are removable & can be swapped
  • long lasting (Durable for 5 - 10 years according to previous customers)


  • suspender clips come off sometimes (according to one previous customer)
  • tools fall out often (According to one Previous customer

Features & specs

  • Made with DuraTek 1250 Fabric
  • comes with suspenders, drill holster, and gloves
  • 27 pockets for tools + tape chain
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    Back pad for back support plus back support is ventilated

4. Rack-A-Tiers 43241 (Best Electrician Tool Belt for the Money... Great Low Price)

Rack-A-Tiers 43241 Electrician's Combo Belt & Bags Electrician Tool Belt

Rack-A-Tiers 43241 review

This Belt is VERY Similar to the Gatorback...

Affordable Low Price, Made from 1250 DuraTeka Fabric with Air Ventilation, Contoured Back Support for Maximum Comfort, and Tool Bags and Pouches on Both Sides of the Belt....

Rack-A-Tiers 43241 came beyond Gatorback because they're extremely similar but Gatorback is a slightly better belt and it comes with additional items which makes it a better deal than this Tool Belt...

This or the Gatorbacks are the best quality electrician belt you can get for the money. Both are between the $100 - $150 Range and deliver an incredible deal...

This Model is for Small Waist Sizes, if You're a Medium then Click Here for the 43242 Model which is for Medium Waists.


  • Back Support, Comfortable, Air Ventilation
  • Affordable Low Price
  • Built from strong fabric


  • not as durable as occidental leather or gatorback
  • Not as comfortable as occidental leather or gatorback

Features & specs

  • Made from 1250 duraTek fabric
  • Air ventilation
  • contoured back support

5. Boulder Bag 104XL-GR Electrician (Best for Beginners, Apprentices, and Electricians in Training)

Boulder Bag 104XL-GR Electrician Comfort Combo

Boulder Bag 104XL-GR review

This Electrician Tool Belt won't last you years and it's far from perfect BUT....

If you're in training or just starting out then this is PERFECT for you....

Why Spend a Ton of Money on a Belt like Occidentals if you're only new in the field?

This is a great belt for entry level Electricians that are just getting their start and that can't afford the highest quality, most expensive tool belts like Occidental!


  • affordable
  • plenty of pouches / pockets
  • doesn't need breaking in
  • check
    simple, easy, plain, great for beginners or entry level electricians
  • adjustable bags


  • not durable

features & specs

  • 13 slots, 19 pockets
  • comfort belt with mB
  • Accommodates up to two connect-a-pouch
  • upper velcro pocket

Honorable Mention: CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 (Best Electrician Belt Under $100)

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician Tool Belt Under $100

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Review

This CLC Electricians Tool Belt is quite stunning... It has 28 Pockets, Sleeves, and Hoops Total, which means plenty of tool storing space....

The belt fits multiple sizes incredibly well, Pouches can be adjusted or removed, It's Easy to Carry, Lightweight, and the Suspenders are Padded plus Distributed Evenly for Comfort that Eases Weight off your Back and Hips....

Although this belt looks good, and is Under $60....

It's Cheaply Built and a Short Life Expectancy type of Electrician Belt!

CLC use to make some of the best quality products but they've gone done Hill, Many Customers had Negative things to Say about this Belt...

So While it's the Most Affordable on the List, it's not going to last you long (Most Likely, According to Previous Customer Reviews)....

Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Electricians Work Belt

Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Review

If I didn't include a Milwaukee Electricians Tool Belt, I'd probably get tons of Ranting and Raving...

Milwaukee has tons of Fanboys and for that reason, I just had to include one... But it only made Honorable Mentions because this Electrician Tool Belt is Rated 3.5 Stars out of 5, while all the Belts on the Top 5 List are 4 Stars and Above......

The 48-22-8110 Tool Belt by Milwaukee with Bags and Pouches for Electricians, is Easy to Use, Organized, Good Looking, and it's Lightweight which makes it Easy to Handle....

But it's Cheaply Made in China... Which is something to be weary about if you're thinking about Purchasing this Item!

However, it is very comfy, useful, and has specific designed pouches for power and hand tools, plus loops and more!

Tradesman Pro Electricians Tool Belt

Tradesman Pro Review

Much like Milwaukee, I had to have an Electrician Tool Belt by Klein Tools on the list....

This Belt is also Under $100 like Milwaukee and CLC but it's also probably the worst of the 3, according to previous customer reviews at least....

Many Reviews stated that the Velcro isn't strong enough, and the Design is frustratingly bad...

Some were even Shocked that they could title the product as an "Electricians Tool Belt with Bags & Pouches" because of how bad the design and thoughtfulness was....

Meanwhile, the Happier Customers simply stated it was comfy and had tons of pockets... You may just want to read the reviews yourself if you're considering this product, if so, click below.....

Which Electrician Tool Belt Is Best For You?

For the Seasoned Veteran of Electrician Work... You'll definitely want an Occidental Leather or Gatorback....

They are two of the highest quality brands when it comes to Electrician Tool Belts Available Today...

Bottom Line Is... No Matter WHO You Are or What Type of Electrical Work You Do, You can't go Wrong with Occidental or Gatorback!

But, Not Everyone can Afford them So if you're an Apprentice, Beginner, In Training, or An Entry Level Electrician... Consider Getting the Boulder Bag or Rack-A-Tiers as they're the Best Value Electrician Tool Belts for a Great Low Price!

If you want the Best of the Best, Get Occidental Leather, but if you want the Most Comfort, Get Gatorback, if you want the best deal for the lowest price, get Rack-A-Tiers or Boulder Bag!

If You Didn't Like The List and Would Rather See More Electrician Tool Belt Options For Yourself, Then Click The Button Below....

Most Important Things To Consider Before Buying an Electrician Tool Belt...

  • Price (Can You Afford It?)
  • Waist Size (How Well it'll Fit)
  • Comfort (Do You Need to Have or Want One That's Comfortable?)
  • Durability (Because You Don't Wanna Have to Buy a New One Every Year)
  • Features & Design (Better Design = More Efficiency, More Space for Tools, Less Clutters & Messes)

Best Electrician Tool Belt of 2019 is...

Occidental Leather 9596 Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9596 because it's everything that any Electrician could ever want in a Tool Belt!

Electrician Tool Belt Setup:

Here's a Informative Video about How to Setup your Electrician Tool Belt:


In Conclusion, You'll get what you pay for...

The cheaper belts deliver cheaper design, quality, and durability... BUT, if that's what you can afford, then by all means, get those ones...

If your Budget can allow for one though, Get a Higher End Belt, then your Back and Hips will not only thank you but love you...

Any of the Top 5 Rated Electrician Belts on this List will do just fine for an Electrical Worker but the Top 3 cannot be beat... 

In the End, You'd LOVE to Work with any of these, I Promise!

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